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[01 Jun 2004|09:13pm]
Here's what you do: copy and paste this into your journal, then bold all the things you have in common with me. Then, the things you don't have in common with me, you unbold and replace with something about yourself.

01. I love sleep

02. My eyes are hazel

03. I love to eat.

04. I love my mom.

06. My hair is brown.

07. I have one job.

09. I bite my nails.

10. I've eaten cold pizza.

11. I hate cold weather.

12. I like school

13. I love traveling.

14. I'm very disorganized.

15. I am lazy.

16. I'm allowed to eat beef.

17. Sometimes I enjoy being alone.

18. I have a lot of fun hanging out with friends.

19. I can't play bass guitar.

20. I can drive.

21. I really don't want high school to end.

22. I get angry too easily sometimes.

23. I can go more than two days without coffee.

24. I'm not ugly. I'm so modest aren't I?

25. I am romantic sometimes.

26. I do not have a cat named after the artist Picasso.

27. I love mac +cheese

28. My family isn't screwed up.

29. I can sleep very late

30. I hate my hair.

31. I love to see big cities.

32. My cat is cute.

33. I like the television.

34. I do not like waking up early in the morning.

35. I'd like to go on vacations to Italy, Greece, Ireland, and Japan.

36. I've never been to london

37. My friends are the best ever!

38. I love making other people laugh.

39. I hate my car.

40. I’m shy

41. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving

42. I'm a good listener.

43. I like to go on picnics.

44. I eat macaroni every chance I get!

45. Sometimes I'll say something and immediately wish I could take it back.

46. I don’t know what I’m doing with my life.

47. I wish I could play the drums..really well.

48. I wish I was living in an amazing apartment with my friends and a puppy, or a kitten.

49. I like movies.

50. I don’t get along with my dad.

51. My room is shockingly messy.

52. I love roller coasters

53. I like to watch cartoons

54. I’m an awful dancer

55. I love the feel of the wind in my face

56. I love hanging out with my buddies

57. I love the feeling of accomplishing something.

58. I love myself.

59. I like summer.

60. My favorite animal is a cat

61. When I tan, I tan well.

62. I sometimes go to sleep with music playing.

63. I think my body could stand some improvement.

64. I procrastinate like a champ.

65. My hair is rarely or never combed

66. I wish the summer could last forever

67. I hate to read.

68. Quiet is nice sometimes.

69. I always remember my dreams

70. I hate unnecessary meanness.

71. I sometimes tell white lies.

72. I like having my own bed.

73. I love my friends.

74. I like chicken.

75. I love laughing more than anything in the world.

76. I hold grudges and I am very unforgiving.

77. I hate not having enough time.

78. I wish I had more money.

79. I always take long hot showers

80. I rarely get headaches.

81. I have a goofy smile.

82. I'm going to take more french in college.

83. I love watching movies with friends.

84. I wish I could be more athletic

85. My mom is wonderful..sometimes.

86. I like to dress like a prep.

87. Music in general ROCKS.

88. I don't know where I want to live when I grow up.

89. I get kind of giggly when I’m tired

90. I have a lot of self control

91. I've driven down the highway singing with my friends before.

92. I can be very depressing.

93. I like dancing...but really suck at it.

94. I love talks that are out of the ordinary.

95. I like having pictures of my friends.

96. I can be 100% outgoing or 100% shy depending how I feel.

97. I sometimes like going places I've never been before.

98. I like peanut butter.

99. I was born in Massachusetts.

100. I secretly love frozen dinners.
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[01 Jun 2004|08:59pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

I started my May 31 entry in my real journal last night the same way I'll start today's LJ entry

"If today was any indication, I am really going to have an awesome summer."

Today, of course, meaning yesterday, 5/31.

So I woke up at 11, and Steve C called me shortly thereafter. I didn't think we were going to be hanging out until today, but he had some other things to take care of and we instead decided to do it yesterday. We studied for a little while, went to lunch, and learned I had plans with Becca and Adam that night.

Well, after a little bit of persuasion on both ends, he ended up coming with us out to dinner. After that, we were going to go bowling, but the alley was closed, we were dismayed to discover. Instead, we went mini-golfing. To have a little competition, we split up into 2 teams, with Becca and Adam going against Steve and I.

Let's just say, going into this, I thought I was a pretty fair mini-golfer. Turns out I'm not. Out of the 4 of us, playing a 27-hole game, I came in last with a 92. Rebecca was next with a 91. Then Adam with a 77 and Steve winning with a 75. I guess I'm just glad that the teams worked out the way they did, because Steve and I as a team were able to edge out Becca and Adam by one stroke, 167-168. Talk about clutch.

Regardless, I haven't had that much a goofy fun time in such a long time. And, even though Steve is probably the only one of the 3 who reads this, thanks for coming along guys. I hope that we can do it again sometime.

Today wasn't too bad either. All my friends had exams (ha ha ha ha ha) while I got to stay in bed until about 9:15, when a rude telemarketer woke me up. Steve Delorey had called me last night to see if I could help him study for Chem and hang out and stuff, and of course I agreed. He came over around 3:00 or so, and stayed until around 5:30 I think. It reminded me of how much I HATED the last term of Chemistry. I hope AP Chem next year isn't going to revolve around that stuff all year, cuz I'll be quite bothered by that.

Exams up ahead:

Tomorrow, 1:15 - Physics
Thursday, 11:00 - French
Friday, 8:30 - Ethics
Friday, 11:00 - Government

And then folks, my summer (and, unfortunately, my community service) can rightfully begin.

Catch y'all later. =P

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[01 Jun 2004|08:44pm]
Hair Color::Brown
Eye Color::Hazel
School Life
What's your school's mascot?:an eagle
School color(s)?:maroon and gold
Who is your favorite teacher?:Mrs. Keogh
What do they teach?:Social Studies
Is this your favorite class?:No...Calculus is my fave
Do you use any instant messengers?:Yes
If so, which ones?:AIM
About how many hours a day do you spend online?:1
Do you have a digital camera?:No
If so, do you post pictures of yourself online?:---
Do you play any instruments?:No
If so, what one(s)?:---
3 Favorite Genres Of Music::80s/Rock...eh and a 3rd
3 Favorite Bands::Red Hot Chili Peppers/MJ/Billy Joel
Do you go to concerts and/or shows?:No
What is the most you've ever spent on a concert/show?:---
What is the least you've ever spent?:---
Do you think buying merch at a concert then wearing it there is corny?:No
Do you listen to any bands that you'd be ashamed to admit to listening to?:No...everyone knows my tastes
Did you notice the grammatical error in question 29?:Yes I did
Word Association
Live Journal::Yes?
Do you think labels are dumb?:Yes
Why or why not?:Cuz they're pointless
What do people label you as?:I don't think I'm labeled anymore...just a blank spot in a vast universe
How/Why did you get this label?:I made it up myself
Which Is Worse?
Physical Pain/Emotional Pain?:Emotional
Blink-182/Good Charlotte?:Neither!
Being Deaf/Being Blind?:Blind
Being Bored/Rushing around because you have too much to do?:Being bored
Losing your dominant leg/Losing your dominant arm?:Leg
Do you believe theres a difference between "love" and "in love"?:No
Is it better to have loved and lossed than to have never loved at all?:It's "lost" but yes it is
Are you romantic?:I'm sappy...does that count?
Are you in a relationship now?:No
If so, for how long?:---
If not, how long have you been single?:A while
Are you a virgin?:Yea
What song describes your love life right now?:Beck -- "Loser"
War: Good or Bad?:Bad
What do you think of designer labels?:Those people are filthy rich
Who's skankier: Britney Spears or Paris Hilton?:Paris Hilton
What is it with guys and cars?:We like them...get over it.
Do you sing?:When no one is around, sre
If so, what part (Soprano 1,Alto 2, et cetera)?:---
Kiss or hug?:Kiss
What color is your room?:Blue
How old is your mom?:41
Black and white or color photos?:Color...though black and white are so good
Who cuts your hair?:SuperCuts! Whoo hoo!
What color is your toothbrush?:White and green
What color is your hair brush?:Don't use one
What kind of hair products do you use?:Don't use any
Is K-Mart just the poor man's Wal-Mart?:No...all right yes.
Are you sXe?:Definitely not.
Are you sexy?:Can't honestly answer that.
What color to people tells you looks nice on you?:Wow. Grammar issue. Green and orange
What color do you think looks nice on you?:Same. Green and orange
Clothes shopping or grocery shopping?:Grocery shopping
Who do you sit with at lunch?
Do you like the sound of your own voice when you hear it played back?:No...god it happens in French all the time. Either I sound like a girl or a lumberjack. It's terrible. I also hate my voice on the intercom at work. God it's bad.
Who has the nicest speaking voice that you know?:No idea.
What is the website for one of your favorite bands?:I don't go to band websites.
Do you prefer to date people younger, older, or the same age as you?:Same age
Do you listen to songs on repeat often?:Occasionally
Who was the last person you hung out with?:Steve D.
What did you and that person do?:Studied for an exam lol.
Do you use internet shorthand (i.e. "lol", "brb", "jk", et cetera)?:Yes
How often do you bathe?:I shower daily. I rarely bathe.
Are you a people-pleaser?:Not particularly
Do you dye your hair regularly?:No
What about your eyebrows?:No
Do you wear makeup?:No
If you answered "yes", to #96, are you female?:---
Do you buy CDs edited or unedited?:Unedited
Can you beatbox?:I suppose anyone can
Does your mom like the song "Hey Ya" by OutKast?:No. Oh, and since the question asked at the beginning, I sit with Steve C at lunch.

100 Questions For Your Answering Pleasure! brought to you by BZOINK!
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Afterthoughts On Turning 17... [30 May 2004|12:07pm]
[ mood | irritated ]


When you turn 16, it's like this enormously huge deal and you feel so different.

When you turn 17, you don't.

But it's okay, because I know that I can legally do some stuff now. Such as...

Well, yea, the obvious one. I can legally go and watch an R-rated movie. But everyone gets like wicked hyped about that one. I was for about 45 seconds, and then realized that I NEVER go to the movies anyway, and when I do it's always to see a non-rated R movie.

And, as of the 28th, I can legally drive people around. Not like it's really that much of a freedom, since I've been doing it since mid-December anyway, but I suppose it's a bit of a comfort to understand that what I am doing isn't illegal anymore.

And now the countdown begins to my 18th birthday. Just 362 more days. Ha ha ha.

So, at school we had the awards ceremony on Friday. I was pumped. I won an "Excellence In Three Subjects" award for French III-H, Calc AP, and Physics. I probably would have gotten Ethics/Social Justice too, but Mr. Hayes lazily forgot to turn his in. I also won a collegiate book award from Fairfield University. Don't exactly know what it is, but the top 20 GPAs in the junior class get them, so I suppose it's a good thing.

This weekend has REALLY sucked. My birthday party was great, but it's been downhill since then. Friday, I worked from 4:30 to 9:45 ON THE FRONT END. Grr. I hate the front end. At night's end it was down to me, Linda Connors, Kathy Swanton, Heather Staples, and Mark. Lovely times.

Saturday wasn't too bad. Since it's Memorial Day Weekend, we can wear basically whatever we want to work as long as it's red, white, or blue. So I wore my red button-down shirt. It felt nice to not be drowned in hunter green. Jenn Ricci called the desk at like 8:10 to see if I could cover her break when I finished at the desk. So I did. I was scheduled 4:30-8:30, but I really was there until just after 9:00.

Today, working 2-7.
Monday, going to go to SSH to get my fun ID badge. I start community service there a week from Tuesday!
Tuesday, Steve's coming over after his exam and we're gonna study for the Physics exam.
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: EXAMS!

And Eric...you wanna know what's bothering me? Why don't you just find out from Megan. I'm not in the mood to get in a big argument with you about it right now.

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IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! [27 May 2004|09:35am]
Woop Woop! 17!


Here's the remainder of my schedule for the 2003-2004 school year.

Thursday, May 27
Day 2

1: Physics
2: Free <- NOW
3: Lunch
4: Ethics (final class)
5: French
6: Free
7: Government
8: Free

Phil's giving me a ride home...but I have to stick around and wait for him to get out of class eighth. Grr! But, I can't wait for tonight!

Friday, May 28
Day 3

1: Free
2: Physics (final class)
3: Free
4: Lunch
5: Free
6: French (final class)
7: Free
8: Government (final class)

Yikes. My last class of junior year is government, with Mrs. Keogh. I'm going to be so sad. I have had Mrs. Keogh every single year for social studies, from Modern World History freshman year, US History last year and now Gov this year. And, since I'm dropping Social Studies for senior year, I won't have her next year. I'll never have a class with Mrs. Keogh again! ;-(

Well, that's my day. I'm in such a good mood! YESSSSSSS!
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Last Week of School [26 May 2004|08:51am]
Doug's Birthday: Yeah, definitely TOMORROW
Passenger Restriction Ends: 2 Days

Right in the thick of it, and what better way to spend your Wednesday morning than at a funeral.

'Cause that's what I'm doing.

The assistant football coach died on Friday, and we're having his funeral here today. We started the year off with a funeral, and now here we are ending the year with a funeral. This really sucks.

Monday was pretty good. School was boring. After school, I went online and Steve wanted to know if I wanted to go to the movies. Even though I had like no money, I said sure and we went to see Shrek 2 (that's where the line and the comment came from yesterday)

Tuesday was really boring. Blah.

Today...well you know about that one.

Tomorrow is my favorite day of the year! Well, one of my favorite days of the year. And, it's the only day that is supposed to be nice all week. Only 5 people are coming to the dinner, but it still shouldn't be too bad. Remember:

Meet at my house between 5:30 and 5:45. We'll leave my house just before 6:00 and we'll be meeting Megan at Outback around 6:10. But just be at my house at 5:30-ish

And Friday is the Undergraduate Awards, where for the third consecutive year I'll be receiving one. Oh happy day.

And then...my junior year is over. Wow. I'm going to be a senior...

The end.
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You Can Spoon on the Moon! [25 May 2004|11:09am]
Doug's Birthday: 2 DAYS
Passenger Restriction Ends: 3 DAYS

Yes. You. Can.

Watch Shrek 2. Very funny.

This week is going to be long and awkward. Monday was pretty good. Today's shaping up to be a long day once I get home with the second half of my government project being the final thing to do for the rest of the year. Wednesday we have a funeral at school for the football coach who died over the weekend, and Friday is the undergraduate awards (I'm getting one) which means a late start school day from 10-2:45.

And the only day of this week unblemished by both bad weather and a school scenario?

Thursday! Woop!
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Blah dee blah blah [21 May 2004|12:39pm]
[ mood | exanimate ]

Doug's Birthday: 6 Days
End of Passenger Restriction: 7 Days

I've grown so tired of writing in this thing. It was wicked cool, then wicked boring, then wicked cool, and now it's wicked boring again.

So it's Friday. Day 6. Day 6 is the worst day. My schedule, the least pleasant of the entire cycle:

1: Physics
2: Physics Lab
4: Ethics
5: French
6: FREE <-- NOW
7: Government

At least I have eighth period free...but you see, most of my friends have 6th, 7th, and 8th free, so I'm kinda all alone sitting here in the library. Kinda stupid. And...yeah. Stupid.

Oh, and my parents decided that I can't take the car into school next Thursday. I always drive in on Thursday and plus. NEXT THURSDAY IS MY FRIGGIN BIRTHDAY. But, they say that they are going to "need the car for something." Upon pressure, I found out nothing...but it could be something for me, so I'll just take that and walk with it.

We just had to write the CHEESIEST essay in French. It counts towards our final exam grade, so I mean, at least I got it out of the way. We had to discuss "les qualités d'un(e) bon(ne) ami(e)." Ou bien, "qualities of a good friend." If it makes you guys feel any better, I talked about most of you and associated each of you with a quality important to a friendship. I think it was like this:

Megan: Always being optimistic even in tough circumstances
Eric: Being able to put strong trust in someone
Phil: Someone you can depend on at any given moment
Steve: Showing you how to laugh at yourself
Rebecca: Not having to change who you are to be liked
Adam: Being supportive of what you do
Brian: Making you laugh when you feel like you can't

Caitlin, I don't think I mentioned you. =(. I'm sorry...but I still love you! Does that make you feel better? Yea probably not. You can hate me. You're still a good friend...it's just that I only had 40 minutes, and you have most of those characteristics anyway!

I'm going to go find something else to do. Sixth period...I'm sure there's SOMETHING.

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This is a blank space [19 May 2004|08:22pm]
[ mood | Kairotic ]

My 17th birthday is a week from tomorrow
I can legally drive my friends (or, my enemies, for that matter) in nine days

Life is sweet.

Friday - Eh. Could have been better, could have been worse. Can't complain too much. I had fun though.
Saturday - Good. It was my cousin's wedding. I almost cried. (Yeah, so what! Shut up! If you had to do a reading and look at the cute couple sitting there, you would too!)
Sunday - Blank. And painful. Ow.
Monday - Long, but good.
Tuesday - Eh, you know how it goes.
Wednesday - No one was home/could hang out. Blah!


I'm going to go get into bed now...even though it's like 8:22. Lying there is fun...I guess?

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OMG! [13 May 2004|02:02pm]
I GOT A 1440!

I GOT A 1440!

I GOT A 1440!

(That is, on my SAT)


(740 - Math)
(700 - Verbal)


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[13 May 2004|11:17am]
So I love how Eric's mad at me (or, at least, seems that way), when I didn't even do anything wrong.

What a day.
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[12 May 2004|01:53pm]
Happy Birthday Eric!

=D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D

The Big 1-6! Finally!
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Um...It's HomIcidal, not HomOcidal... [11 May 2004|02:07pm]
I've been BAAAAADDDDD....vewwy, vewwy, BAAAAAADDDDD!

Your Homocidal Rampage! by crash_and_burn
Your name:
Weapon of Choice:Your own bare hands
Your Favorite Target:Pedophiles
Your Kill Count:1,616,016,542
Your Battle Cry:"Who put the bomp in the bomp-a-bomp-a-bomp?"
Years You Spend in Jail:6
How Much Money In Damages You Cause:$73,338,100,901,832
Your Homocidal Insanity Level:: 93%
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!
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[10 May 2004|01:53pm]
ISFJ - "Conservator". Desires to be of service and to minister to individual needs - very loyal. 13.8% of total population.
Take Free Myers-Briggs Personality Test
personality tests by similarminds.com
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Check This Schedule Out, Fool! [10 May 2004|10:18am]

Monday, May 10, 2004

1st period (8:30-9:10): FREE
2nd period (9:30-10:10): Government
3rd period (10:15-10:55): Ethics --> Teacher's out. FREE
4th period (11:00-11:40): French
5th period (11:45-12:25): FREE
6th period (12:30-1:10): FREE (Lunch)
7th period (1:15-1:55): FREE
8th period (2:00-2:40): Physics

Damn! Why couldn't I have 8th free! I'd be able to leave at the end of next period!!!

That's my daily schedule. My weekly schedule...not quite so free.

May 10 - My only day off all week
May 11 - Parent's anniversary. Probably have to go and do something like dinner. Have my interview with South Shore Hospital for volunteer work this summer.
May 12 - Eric's birthday! Are we going out to dinner or something?
May 13 - Rehearsal dinner for the wedding
May 14 - Prom
May 15 - The Wedding
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Hey! Guess What! [07 May 2004|11:06am]

This time I was going for the most revered position in all of B.C. High, the position of Senior Mentor.

Yep. I didn't get it. SIXTY PEOPLE GET PICKED! And I wasn't one of them. Bullshit, if you ask me. Actually, like no one that should have gotten in did. I didn't. Steve didn't. A bunch of other people that I know didn't . It's kinda ridiculous, if you ask me.

4 know that| Doug appreciates your comments!

The 50 Worst Songs Ever! [07 May 2004|11:03am]
According to some survey. I heard about it a while ago, but Amber managed to find the list so I'm copying it here. Bold the ones you like.

1. We Built This City ... Starship
2. Achy Breaky Heart ... Billy Ray Cyrus
3. Everybody Have Fun Tonight ... Wang Chung
4. Rollin' ... Limp Bizkit
5. Ice Ice Baby ... Vanilla Ice </b>
6. The Heart of Rock & Roll ... Huey Lewis and the News
7. Don't Worry, Be Happy ... Bobby McFerrin
8. Party All the Time ... Eddie Murphy
9. American Life ... Madonna
10. Ebony and Ivory ... Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder
11. Invisible ... Clay Aiken
12. Kokomo ... The Beach Boys
13. Illegal Alien ... Genesis
14. From a Distance ... Bette Midler
15. I'll Be There for You ... The Rembrandts
16. What's Up? ... 4 Non Blondes
17. Pumps and a Bump ... Hammer
18. You're the Inspiration ... Chicago
19. Broken Wings ... Mr. Mister
20. Dancing on the Ceiling ... Lionel Richie
21. Two Princes ... Spin Doctors

22. Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)
23. Sunglasses at Night ... Corey Hart
24. Superman ... Five for Fighting
25. I'll Be Missing You ... Puff Daddy
26. The End ... The Doors
27. The Final Countdown ... Europe
28. Your Body Is a Wonderland ... John Mayer
29. Breakfast at Tiffany's ... Deep Blue Something
30. Greatest Love of All ... Whitney Houston
31. Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm ... Crash Test Dummies
32. Will 2K ... Will Smith
33. Barbie Girl ... Aqua - LOL It's funny!
34. Longer ... Dan Fogelberg
35. Shiny Happy People ... R.E.M.
36. Make Em Say Uhh! ... Master P featuring Silkk, Fiend, Mia-X and Mystikal
37. Rico Suave ... Gerardo
38. Cotton Eyed Joe ... Rednex
39. She Bangs ... Ricky Martin
40. I Wanna Sex You Up ... Color Me Badd
41. We Didn't Start the Fire ... Billy Joel
42. The Sounds of Silence ... Simon and Garfunkel
43. Follow Me ... Uncle Kracker
44. I'll Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) ... Meat Loaf

45. Mesmerize ... Ja Rule featuring Ashanti
46. Hangin' Tough ... New Kids on the Block
47. The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me Is You ... Bryan Adams
48. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da ... The Beatles
49. I'm Too Sexy ... Right Said Fred

50. My Heart Will Go On ... Celine Dion
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Retro Journal Thing [06 May 2004|01:45pm]
Go Back In Time In Your Journal Meme
1. Go into your LJ's archives.
2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to). This is actually my 25th
3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions

I'll just put the whole thing in. Kinda fun.


Pool Party! YAY! The water was warm, and everyone seemed to have a good time...and that's pretty much all I was aiming for. The only problem was that the groups didn't mingle as much as I would've liked. I didn't want to interfere, because last time I did...I seemed to cause some tempers to flare, but it wasn't a bad time at all.

After everyone left, I watched Final Destination. It was scary, but it wasn't gross. I watched that from about 11-12:30. Then I wrote in my paper journal, and then I watched the Daily Show (rebroadcast) from 1-1:30. Then I went to bed.


Poopay! I had to stay at home while everyone else went to Boston! GRR! All well...you win some, you lose some.

I woke up at about 10:00. I remember that I had this unbelievably strange dream where I walked around this Hallmark-like store for like seven hours. OK...anyway.

I cleaned my room, cleaned the bathroom, etc...

My mom and my sister went out and I finished reading "A Moveable Feast". 4 books down, 5 to go. Funny how school starts in just 10 days huh? I'm so screwed.

Then when they got back I managed to get the red Jeep (Margot...lol @ Brian) out of the mud and scrubbed all the whatever the hell was covering the vinyl off of it. It took a good three hours. Of course, now the car smells like Tilex...but that's better than what it smelled like before! And, I was ecstatic that the CD player I had installed was completely unharmed. Sorry Brian, but you can't keep that, I'm having it taken out tomorrow.

Then I came in and watched Final Destination 2. Okay, now that movie was thoroughly disgusting in all possible ways. I almost threw up. It was definitely the most disgusting film I've ever watched in my entire life, and consequently, my new favorite movie.

Congratulations on your license, Brian!

So my plans for tomorrow aren't too busy...

(1) Finish cleaning Margot and remove the stereo
(2) Pop over Chris' house cuz it's his birthday
(3) Chill

Caitlin and Eric...I hope you guys have a good day at school tomorrow! Call me when you get home and tell me all about it!

Brian...have fun at Six Flags!

Megan...call me and maybe we can chill for a while

=P. More soon.
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Hey! Guess What! [04 May 2004|11:59am]

NHS Election Results:

President: Andrew Flynn
Vice-President: Jay Costa
Secretary: Adam Kerrigan
Historian: Brendan Olsen

At least Adam won...the only person I voted for that ended up winning.

Maybe Eric will have better luck going for HIS Vice-Presidency position than I did. Hope the speech goes well!

The Week In Review/Preview

Sunday: Work 2-7. Went to see "Godsend" with Steve afterwards. The movie wasn't as great as all the hype made it seen, but we could have seen a worse movie (13 going on 30, Mean Girls, etc...). I probably should have been studying for my exam, but I figured that at that point...there was just nothing I could do.

Monday: AP Exam --> English. Not good. Not bad, either though. It definitely could have been worse. Hung out with Eric for a couple of hours afterward.

Tuesday: Regular school day. Kinda weird not having an English class (that of course being the reason I'm sitting here typing this entry right now). I have double calc next and 7th period. 8th period physics. After that, Delorey and I are going to look at tuxedos for the prom (next Friday!). Actually, I already have mine for the wedding (next Saturday) and we're just doing a 2-day rental thing. Then he's bringing me home.

Wednesday: AP Exam --> Calculus. I'm not too worried about it. I just need to remember to get new batteries for my calculator. If something happens to that calculator during the exam, I will crap my pants.

Thursday: Doesn't look like I'm doing anything special. Have to get fitted for my tux for the wedding, but that's about it. Oh, and I think they announce the picks for Senior Mentor. Three weeks until my birthday.

Friday: Work 4:30-8:30. Another typical boring day of school. Then, another typical boring day of work. What fun!

Saturday: Work 4:30-8:30. Can anyone think of something to do so I don't have to spend my entire Saturday in total boredom? Please!
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[04 May 2004|09:05am]
1. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
2. Am I lovable?
3. How long have you known me?
4. When and how did we first meet?
5. What was your first impression?
6. Do you still think that way about me now?
7. What do you think my weakness is?
8. Do you think I'll get married?
9. What makes me happy?
10. What makes me sad?
11. What reminds you of me?
12. If you could give me anything what would it be?
13. How well do you know me?
14. When's the last time you saw me?
15. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
16. Do you think I could kill someone?
17. Describe me in one word.
18. Do you think our friendship is getting stronger/weaker/staying the same?
19. Do you feel that you could talk to me about anything and I would listen?
20. Are you going to put this on your livejournal and see what I say about you?
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